UV disinfection for public transport

Going to work or school by bus or other public transportation? Or taking the bus to go shopping or even a short vacation? With many people in a relatively confined space, many transit passengers worry about catching a cold, the flu or even Coronavirus. Opening the windows to provide fresh air simply isn’t an option when it’s raining or uncomfortably hot or cold outside.
Especially for public transportation systems such as city and regional bus fleets, the risk of community spread is high. Plus there is the possibility of service disruptions should bus drivers and transit operators fall ill. Additional on-board air purification using UV disinfection is an effective and reliable way to reduce the risk of community virus spread and service disruptions.
uv light disinfection, UV light in buses and other public transportation
uv light disinfection, UV light in buses and other public transportation

UV-C disinfection: your advantages at a glance


  • Safe and reliable disinfection
  • Proven efficient protection for passengers and employees (viruses cannot develop resistance to UV light)
  • Immediately ready for use after every start (even in hot or cold conditions)
  • Operation via the on-board network, continuous operation even while driving
  • Tailor-made adaptation of the system to your individual requirements
  • Easy retrofitting possible
  • Long service life: use of the most efficient low-pressure amalgam lamps
  • Environmentally friendly & chemical-free

Applications: Travel safely, arrive more relaxed

  • Easy retrofitting: For all types of buses, trains, ships and planes
  • 99.99% effective: Multiple proven effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 virus and mutations
  • Travel safely: With 2 devices on the bus, a disinfection cycle only takes 10 minutes


Let’s face it

The rise of COVID-19 and other illnesses have made all of us think more about our health and safety. We are now living in a world where surface-based and airborne pathogens are at the top of mind. They are a much more significant threat, and because of this, you’ll want to make sure that your home or business is sufficiently protected.