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Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring

An outdoor air quality sensor (also known as an OAQ sensor) is a device used to measure the air quality outside of buildings, as it relates to the health and wellness of individuals who are exposed to ozone and nitrogen dioxide. Typical sources of OAQ gases come from combustion engines, factories and industrial emissions. Examples of sensors and sensor products include ozone sensors and nitrogen dioxide meters.

Germsweep offers OAQ sensors that are calibrated to detect the gases that contribute to unhealthy air outdoor quality, specifically ozone (O3) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). By measuring both of these gases together and reporting concentrations relative to the US EPA AQI standard, these sensors provide vital information that helps users take control of their health and environment. In addition, the sensors efficiently manage smart air handling systems in buildings, factories, and the home.

Analyzing the what we breathe

Poor outdoor air quality is typically associated with traffic and vehicles. Measuring outdoor air quality near roads and factories is important due to the high local influences of poor outdoor air. The levels of NOx and ozone in the outdoor air may have a pronounced effect on outdoor play and activities, including increases in asthma and breathing issues among susceptible individuals. Outdoor air quality is also a significant concern for indoor spaces, and making direct measurement at air intakes can significantly improve indoor air quality.

Let’s face it

The rise of COVID-19 and other illnesses have made all of us think more about our health and safety. We are now living in a world where surface-based and airborne pathogens are at the top of mind. They are a much more significant threat, and because of this, you’ll want to make sure that your home or business is sufficiently protected.