Sanitizing Service, IAQ Sensors

Analytics based decision
making to create a healthy work
and school environment

Our Process

1 to 4 week pilot to understand current indoor air conditions, benchmark offices with multiple AC units, and determine options of technologies to deploy.

  • Week 1: Baseline- Determine current state of air quality
  • Week 2-3: Install, test, and monitor disinfection technologies ( MERV Filters, UVC and/or Bi-Polar Ionization
  • Week 4: Determine placement and types of monitors to install ( T/RH, O3, NO2, CO2, VOC, PM, and ION)
  • Final Step -Finalize reporting types, frequency and alert requirements


We Analyze

Sanitizing Service, IAQ Sensors

Customer defined
Real-time Dashboard Design

Customizable Daily, Weekly
and Monthly Reporting

Sanitizing Service, IAQ Sensors
Sanitizing Service, IAQ Sensors

Real-Time Alerts- Text
and/or Email- You can determine
the frequency of alerts

Fully Integrated
Dashboard Monitoring
Incorporated With
Detail Floor Plans

Sanitizing Service, IAQ Sensors

User-Friendly info for all


Platform Is Designed To Collect The Unique Set Of Real-Time Data You Need To Bring Life To Your Vision. We Will Evolve With
Your Application Needs, Making Your Real-Time Connected Service Future Proof.

Sanitizing Service, IAQ Sensors


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IAQ Sensor

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Sanitizing Service, IAQ Sensors

Customer defined
Real-time Dashboard design

Sanitizing Service, IAQ Sensors

Installations are simple and clean.
Self or Custom Installation Process

Sanitizing Service, IAQ Sensors

Custom Designed
Floor Plans That Meet Client
Requirements and Budget

Let’s face it

The rise of COVID-19 and other illnesses have made all of us think more about our health and safety. We are now living in a world where surface-based and airborne pathogens are at the top of mind. They are a much more significant threat, and because of this, you’ll want to make sure that your home or business is sufficiently protected.