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The concerns over coronavirus have many employers and employees feeling uncomfortable with returning to the office, factory, store, or workplace. In fact, fears of COVID-19 infection and outbreak have forced many employees to quit their jobs and employers to shutter their businesses. Many economists believe fears over COVID-19 may actually put entire industries at risk of permanent and irreparable collapse.

There are businesses and business leaders who will rise above this current pandemic, and they will all have exceptional COVID-19 testing, screening, and security measures in place. Businesses across the country are partnering with Germsweep to implement the world’s most accurate coronavirus testing and most comprehensive screening to ensure employees are comfortable returning to work, clients are comfortable resuming business, and customers are comfortable visiting the business.

Germsweep provides on-site nasopharyngeal and saliva tests at your location of choice. Both of these tests yield unbeatable accuracy, with the nasopharyngeal test having 99% sensitivity and specificity, and the saliva test yielding greater than 98% accuracy. Germsweep also provides a Flu A-B/COVID Combo Test that detects two types of influenza viruses—influenza A and B—and differentiates them from RSV, and COVID-19. This combination test has a >96% accuracy rate for each virus.

Germsweep is your one-stop partner in COVID-19 testing. In addition to, or instead of, providing on-site testing, Germsweep can mail diagnostic COVID-19 self-collected nasal swab test kits to the homes of your employees.  The Germsweep COVID-19 Nasal Swab Test Kit received FDA emergency use authorization and is convenient, accurate and safe. With your order, employees receive a test kit to their address with the supplies and instructions needed to conduct a test, as well as the FedEx return mailer.  Results are shared electronically with both employer and employee through an easy to use app, Aura, within 48 hours of lab receipt.