Improving Indoor Air Quality In Schools

Each day in the United States, roughly 56.6 million students attend public and private elementary, middle, and high school schools. Along with the additional 7 million staff members, students and employees are constantly susceptible to infectious illnesses like influenza and the common cold, which are transmitted via airborne and surface pathogens., Applications

Your UVC Solutions for Schools Include:

  • UV Fans
  • UV for HVAC Portfolio
  • UV Flow for upper air
  • UV Boxes and Cabinets
  • UV Water
  • UV Direct Lights for locker rooms
  • UV Mobile
  • UV Penta

How We Apply UVC For Schools

We get it; schools are filled with germs. Ask any seasoned teacher, and they will testify to students being a veritable petri-dish.  Kids cough and sneeze and spread pathogens to one another.  While we can’t eliminate flu season, we can significantly aid in infection control. Preventing illness is the best way to protect students, faculty, and staff members at a school.

UV-C Within Healthcare

, ApplicationsHygiene in healthcare facilities is paramount. It is also the most fertile ground on which to develop issues regarding the spread of viruses, bacteria, molds, spores, and mites. And even though healthcare professionals are educated and diligent in sanitary measures, administrators can still always do more to keep them and their beneficiaries safe.
Infections arising during hospital stays or even after patients’ releases (HAIs – healthcare-associated infections) are the most frequent and serious complications in the healthcare field. Concern with infections on implanted medical devices is common. And antibiotic-resistant strains can outpace our ability to develop new antibiotics.
Our expert team works with both big and small healthcare facilities. We will help you to choose the best product between our complete range of over 200 different models offering you the perfect solution that will satisfy your needs.
HAIs have a cost in health, as well from an economic point of view. UVGI can easily be installed in your current systems, such as your air ventilators or cold rooms. Most of our products only require one bulb change every year in maintenance, meaning you can focus on getting your job done. When you do have to switch out the bulb, the UV-C systems are instantly operational.

Retail Solutions

Already widely used in healthcare and food production industries, Light Progress has over 200 proprietary products that are also applicable to retail locations.
We use low-energy requiring bulbs, amalgams, and LEDs that emit light from the C-spectrum of Ultraviolet light.
Through our partner Light Progress, has developed a range of fans, using upper-air ventilation systems, UV-FANs, and installing UV-C lights into existing ventilation systems. These can be used while shoppers are in the store, meaning air is constantly cleaned., Applications
UV lights can be shone on surfaces when people are not around in bathrooms and at the point of sale. Using UV-C light tunnels is an excellent way to ensure the sterility of shopping carts, or previously worn garments, and other customer touch points.

UVC for HospitalityUVC for hospitality in a hotel room to neutralize pathogens

Light Progress has hundreds of products, like UV-C fans, ventilators, light wands and cabinets that that provide an easy and chemical-free solution. Our products use light sources that require low energy outputs, and require minimal maintenance- typically bulbs only need replacement after 18,000 hours of use.

How We Combat Pathogens With your HVAC Systems

Air-conditioning systems, and especially air handling units (AHU) are a perfect breeding ground for microbial organisms, pathogens, spores, molds, and more. Air recirculation, temperature fluctuations, and humidity allow microorganisms to connect and stick to surfaces inside the ventilation system. They create an unpleasant film called biofilm that can clog the filters and ducts, and can reduce system efficiency up to 40%. This can improve air quality, airflow, reduces maintenance, and can help cut down disease transmission and allergic reactions.

Why Choose Us?

At Germsweep, we’re committed to making better hygiene obtainable for all. School systems need to be better protected against harmful germs and bacteria. We’re here to help improve the air quality of your school. Installation is simple and our systems are a cost-effective way for schools to improve indoor air quality without destroying the heating/cooling efficiency of the HVAC by opening windows or bleeding more outside air into the existing HVAC air flow in order to increase the number of fresh air exchanges.
Our systems never stop working either; we don’t turn it off and back on.
We’re here to work with you. We’ll find a solution that fits your needs, goals, and requirements. Our team of experts has worked with small and large educational facilities. From daycare centers to college campuses.